Bill Barr could be held in contempt on Monday if he doesn’t turn over unredacted Mueller report: Nadler
Attorney General William Barr (Image via screengrab)

On Thursday, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) announced that he is giving Attorney General William Barr one final chance to release the complete, unredacted report from special counsel Robert Mueller to the committee — and warned that if he does not comply, Democrats could move to hold him in contempt as early as next Monday:

Barr has released a redacted version of the report to the public. Even this partial version sharply contradicts his initial four-page summary of the report, which claimed that Mueller did not establish a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government or make a determination on obstruction of justice.

Barr had also claimed Trump did nothing to stymie the Mueller investigation — which is contradicted by 10 separate instances in the report where he may have tried to obstruct it. And he told Congress that Mueller did not differ with him on his interpretation of the report, which he did in both a phone call and multiple letters.