Bombshell NYT report on Trump’s taxes shows ongoing threat to America’s interests: Trump biographer
Trump biographer and award-winning reporter David Cay Johnston (Photo: Screen capture)

The Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist who published a portion of Donald Trump's 2005 tax form in 2017 explained on MSNBC how the bombshell New York Times report on the president's taxes shows an ongoing threat to America.

David Cay Johnston was interviewed by MSNBC's Chris Matthews shortly after the story broke on Tuesday.

"What did you make of this?" Matthews asked."Does this square with the information you had all along?"

"Absolutely this is what I have been trying to tell people," he replied. "It is consistent with what I reported when I got Trump’s 2005 form 1040 tax return two years ago and what I reported back in the 90s when he arranged to shed a billion dollars of debt."

"These losses that The New York Times shows are way beyond the losses he could take from real estate. These show Donald Trump is not the modern Midas who turns everything to gold. He is the wizard and Toto, in the form of The New York Times, has pulled back the curtain and revealed the con man," he continued.

"According to The New York Times, and this is the killer for tomorrow’s news, Trump paid no -- is everybody listening now -- no federal income taxes for eight of the 10 years," Matthews noted. "Here’s this character who pays no taxes eight out of ten years. That’s what a lot of people suspected was the reason he kept this secret."

"Exactly, because Donald Trump is a conman," Johnston noted.

"There is not now and never has been verifiable evidence that Donald Trump has ever had a billion dollars," he continued. "What we know from public records and his actions and now this report in The New York Times is that money flows in and it flows out faster than it flows in. "

"And one of the reasons we should all be concerned about that is someone in search for money to maintain the appearance that they’re wealthy is likely to commit crimes and be open to various actions and one of the things has been looked at -- we don’t have a definitive answer -- Donald Trump laundering money for Russians, Saudis, Emiratis and others through real estate deal, some of which I have written about, that make no sense as a business deal, but absolutely make sense as money laundering and pay off operations," he explained.