Breathtakingly racist high schooler threatens to lynch his black classmates in viral video
White supremacists (Twitter)

In a shockingly racist incident in Springfield, Missouri, a student posted a Snapchat video threatening to lynch a black student, reports the Springfield News-Leader.

After hurling obscene racist slurs, the male voice yelled "stay the (expletive) out of our locker room," accused the student of stealing and added "we should (expletive) lynch you."

"It's a privilege to be in our school. You (expletives) go around like you own the place," the student added.

The state's chapter of the NAACP swiftly weighed in.

"It took my breath away, personally," Toni Robinson, president of the Springfield NAACP, told the Springfield News-Leader. "You're not surprised but the trauma, the feeling, the emotion that we've been experiencing for generations is relived in that moment."

Kickapoo Principal Bill Powers issued a statement.

"The last few months have been difficult for our school, but together we have an opportunity to rise above the divisive behavior demonstrated by a few vocal students," Powers wrote. "The vast majority of our Kickapoo family are welcoming individuals with big hearts who work extraordinarily hard to demonstrate kindness and love every day."