C-SPAN host shames GOP caller to admit his 'fight for our country' is limited to a 'Vote Republican' bumper sticker
John McArdle (C-SPAN/screen grab)

A C-SPAN caller on Monday insisted that he is "fighting" for the Constitution by sporting a bumper sticker that advises voting Republican.

"To me, the government is the problem," a Texas caller named Chris told C-SPAN host John McArdle. "More government run health care, we should try to get rid of it, not promote it. It's ruined the middle class in this country. And it's caused about all the problems that we've got right now -- is because of this government takeover of our health care."

Without offering proof, the Republican caller said that government-run health care had "decimated" the middle class.

"I am fighting for is the Constitution," Chris insisted, "and the country. And against the socialists. So I'm a conservative constitutionalist Republican who is against the socialist party who is trying to take us into communisism. That's the real problem in America. Why the division? We're fighting for our country."

Before hanging up on the caller, McArdle asked: "How are you fighting for our country? Are you involved in any of these issues?"

"You bet!" Chris replied. "I don’t want to be a socialist. Vote Republican. I’ve got that on my bumper sticker. I like my free life and my home, doing what I want to do. You can go out there and make your own way."

"It’s not about government handouts to people," he added. "They did not have that back in the '20s. If you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. Medicare for all means Medicare for none."

With that, McArdle ended the call.

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.