Chris Cuomo drops a truthbomb: CNN head Jeff Zucker saved Trump from financial ruin
CNN host Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

Tonight would be the perfect time for President Donald Trump to actually release his taxes, CNN's Chris Cuomo suggested in his final commentary Tuesday. The revelation outed by the New York Times this week disclosed that the man who claimed to be a genius businessman is actually a fraud. He managed to lose almost $1.2 billion in 10 years, more than any other person in America. What saved him wasn't a smart investment or a big real estate deal, it was CNN head Jeff Zucker.

Cuomo recalled investigating Trump's finances in 2005 when he worked for ABC News. He said that he understands why Trump is refusing to turn over his information.

"Remember, you kept yelling at us," Cuomo recalled with a smile. "You insisted you were worth billions but you wouldn't give us real proof and we could only find proof of debt? Remember your lawyer that sounded a lot like [he was] damning [us] back to the womb for getting your worth wrong? It was right then, even more right now."

"The second reason is you and I share a more common history," the host continued. "We were both given huge breaks by Jeff Zucker, chairman of Warner media news and sports and president of CNN worldwide."

Cuomo recalled that Zucker was working in programming for NBC when he approached Trump about the idea of "The Apprentice." Up until the show, Trump was bleeding money. After Zucker made Trump famous, things looked up.

"I'm sure you don't like this narrative, but the only way is to show your returns," Cuomo said. "The truth will come out on your own terms. There's something to respect in that. At the end of the day, isn't that why you inflated your assets? But if you man up and say this has gone too far and it's not fair, here is the information, here are the taxes. And along with it, push for a law that makes it a federal requirement for all to show taxes in a run for the White House, and then a swath of tax fixes to close the gaping hole that you exploited in grotesque fashion."

Watch Cuomo's full commentary below: