Chuck Todd fillets Sarah Sanders: Trump is 'siding with a murderous authoritarian dictator over' Joe Biden
Chuck Todd speaks with Sarah Sanders (NBC/screen grab)

White House Press Secretary on Sunday agreed with North Korea Dictator Jim Jong-un's assessment that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a "low IQ."

In a tweet over the weekend, President Donald Trump revealed that he "smiled when he called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual, & worse."

"Can you explain why Americans should not be concerned the president of the United States is essentially siding with a murderous authoritarian dictator over a former vice president of the United States?" Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked Sarah Sanders on Sunday.

"The president’s not siding with that," Sanders replied. "I think they agree in their assessment of former Vice President Joe Biden. The president’s focus in this process is the relationship he has and making sure we continue on the path towards denuclearization."

"The president of the United States takes the North Korean dictator’s word about Joe Biden?" Todd pressed. "What happened to speaking with one voice on American foreign policy? Is the president not setting up trying to have world leaders sort of pick which political party they should side with? I don’t understand what message the president is sending here."

Sanders, however, insisted that Trump "doesn’t need somebody else to give him an assessment of Joe Biden."

"He’s given his own assessment," she continued. "I’m sure you have covered it. The president watched him and his administration with President Obama fail for eight years. He has come in in 2 1/2 years and cleaned up a lot of the messes left behind. We shouldn’t be in the position we’re in to have to deal with North Korea at the level we are if they had done their job."

"At the same time, the president wants to develop that relationship and he wants to actually get something done. He doesn’t want to just talk in pretty rhetoric," Sanders added.

Watch the video below from NBC.