CNN's Lemon does impression of AG Barr refusing to answer questions about Trump demanding to investigate his enemies
'CNN Tonight' anchor Don Lemon (screengrab)

On CNN Tuesday night, Don Lemon put the lie to President Donald Trump never instructed Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the Russia probe against him.

"The president would like you to believe he had no idea Barr was going to investigate, no idea at all," said Lemon. "He says he didn't know about it because he didn't ask Barr to do it. Okay."

"This tweet is from last month," said Lemon, putting up a recent tweet of Trump attacking the Russia probe and calling for an investigation of the "Dirty Cops" responsible. "It seems pretty clear, look at that. "INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS," in all caps. Oh, but he didn't know."

"Seems like the attorney general certainly got the message," added Lemon. "You remember he really struggled to come up with an answer when Sen. — you've got to watch this — when Sen. Kamala Harris asked him whether the White House had suggested he open any investigations."

Lemon proceeded to play a clip of Harris asking Barr if the president "ever asked or suggested you open an investigation of anyone," to which Barr spent several seconds floundering and never answered the question.

"And then there's this," continued Lemon. "The attorney general buying into the president's baseless conspiracy theory that his campaign was spied on." He played a clip of Barr saying that "I think spying did occur" against the Trump campaign by the FBI.

"Like I said, you guys don't see this? Come on, you have to see this," said Lemon, doing an impression of Barr. "'Uh, uh, uh, uh, can you repeat the question — I — uh, uh, uh, what was — I'm trying to uh, figure out what you mean by, uh, inferred, grappling.' Come on, people."

"Like I said the attorney general got the president's message. He got it loud and clear," Lemon finished. "The president let him know exactly what he wanted."

Watch below: