CNN's Navarro shreds Trump over USS McCain snub with brutal assessment of Trump's legacy
Donald Trump speaks from The White House Oval Office (CNN/screen grab)

CNN's Republican commentator Ana Navarro ripped President Donald Trump as "insecure" after he attacked the late Senator John McCain.

Trump said Navy officials were "well-meaning" after they tried to hide USS John McCain from Trump's sight during his visit to Japan.

"Is that insulting to you?" CNN's Brooke Baldwin said.

"He is insecure because he won't amount to anything in comparison to John McCain," Navarro said. "He will never get a ship named after him."

She added, "At best he could ask for a hot air balloon. That would be more appropriate. There is nothing Donald Trump can do to erase John McCain from American or world history. In the last few weeks Ukraine named a street after him, and this week in Lithuania, a great hall is being named after him. You will not erase John McCain no matter what you do Donald Trump."

Watch below via CNN: