Comedian burns Steve Mnuchin for lying they couldn't put Harriet Tubman on the $20 due to 'security issue'
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin poses with his wife Louise Linton while holding a sheet full of dollars (Twitter photo).

The claim that Harriet Tubman's $20 bill rollout must be delayed for security reasons is bunk, according to one stand-up comedian.

"It's definitely not about security," Pete Dominick said to MSNBC's Al Sharpton Sunday. "They can't get anything done at all. This is absolutely to poke the eye of President [Barack] Obama. It's obviously discrimination. It's obviously a hand-out to white supremacists who support him."

He said that the United States still has not properly accounted for the years our ancestors kidnapped people of color for slavery.

Noting that there is still not a monument to commemorate the forced slavery of people of color, Dominick said that there could be a holiday that celebrates the Abolitionist Movement and denounces racism.

He noted that there are people who have purchased stamps to stamp a photo of Harriet Tubman over former President Andrew Jackson's face.

When Sharpton spoke to a Republican strategist, he wondered why Republicans were doing things like this when they indicated they wanted to do better outreach to people of color.

"Well, it's because he has people like Stephen Miller in the White House advising him," Rina Shah said.

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