Congress needs to immediately follow the 'money trail' leading to Ivanka's finances: 'Kushner Inc' author
Photo Ivanka Trump posted on Twitter of her and "hot date" Jared Kushner

On MSNBC Saturday, Vicky Ward, the author of "Kushner Inc.," emphasized how important it is to focus on President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka, whose own potential legal issues have yet to be exposed.

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, noted Ward, "have a totally antithetical mindset. They believe rules are for other people." And former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly urged Trump to get rid of them, for all their potential to damage the administration, but Trump "couldn't pull the trigger" due to his daughter's influence over him.

Ward noted that Ivanka "owned her own fashion brand" while advising the White House, and that her agenda "seems to be guided by so much self-interest."

When asked why Ivanka had not been summoned to testify by House Democrats as her brother Donald Trump Jr. is being subpoenaed to do, Ward said that there was in fact oversight of her coming down the pipe — and rightly so.

"I think it's very clear from a lot of questions that, particularly the Judiciary Committee sent out to 81 people, there were an extraordinary number of questions about Ivanka, and actually about Kushner companies and Jared's businesses on that," said Ward. "It's actually my hope that Congress, in a way, starts really focusing and digging down on the money trail. Including that of Ivanka and the businesses and that of Jared Kushner companies, businesses."

"That is a slightly different path from all the focus on Russia," Ward continued. "I think Robert Mueller found quite a lot of things that were extraneous to the matter of whether or not there was coordination of obstruction of justice, and he has farmed some of the witness testimony that he was presented out to places like the Southern District of New York. But Congress is aware, and I think they need to, really methodically now, go and look."

"It's like Watergate," she said. "Follow the money."

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