Democrats urged to 'take note' as GOP Rep. Justin Amash gets standing ovation for backing Trump impeachment
Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan speaking at the 2014 International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFLC) in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Rep. Justin Amash—the first, and thus far only, Republican member of Congress to call for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump—received a standing ovation from his constituents during a town hall in his Michigan district Tuesday after he doubled down on his condemnation of the president's "dangerous" conduct.

While several Trump supporters in the audience of around 900 Michiganders said they will no longer back Amash—who is facing a primary challenge in 2020 due to his support for impeachment—the town hall crowd appeared overwhelmingly supportive of the Republican congressman's stance.

"We can't let conduct like that go unchecked," Amash said. "Congress has a duty to keep the president in check."

Amash warned that refusing to consider impeachment as a response to the behavior detailed in the Mueller report poses "a greater risk than the risk that it will be used too often."

The Nation's John Nichols tweeted that "Democrats who are reluctant to impeach might want to take note of the reaction from voters in Republican Justin Amash's district."

Watch the town hall audience give Amash a lengthy standing ovation after he said Congress must "not allow misconduct to go undeterred":