Donald Trump just again admitted he’s working to overturn Roe v. Wade
President Donald Trump has slammed opposition Democrats for launching a sprawling new investigation into alleged obstruction of justice and abuse of office. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

Most Americans still don't see what's going on, right in front of them.

It was October 19, 2016. During the third presidential debate Republican nominee Donald Trump emphatically stated he would work to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

"Because I am pro-life, and I will be appointing pro-life judges, I would think that that will go back to the individual states," Trump told moderator Chris Wallace. "If we put another two or perhaps three justice on, that's really what's going to be. That'll happen automatically, in my opinion, because I am putting pro-life justices on the court."

Fast forward to today.

Pundits as recently as minutes ago are on cable news shows, including MSNBC's "Morning Joe," are telling viewers that Chief Justice John Roberts won't allow Roe v. Wade to be overturned because he likes consensus and likes to go slow. As if Roberts has total control. He doesn't.

Some Americans think that maybe Roe might get overturned, few seem to understand that this was the GOP's plan all along. This is not some strange series of unrelated events, some coincidence. All these new anti-abortion laws flooding the states. Extremist anti-abortion judges flooding the federal courts. Two extremist anti-abortion justices now on the Supreme Court. This is all by design.

And President Donald Trump just once again admitted – nay, bragged – that this is the plan.

On Twitter, of course, the President responded to failed U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore's remarks Tuesday afternoon that he would beat Alabama Democratic Senator Doug Jones, despite having failed to do so in the 2017 special election.

"Republicans cannot allow themselves to again lose the Senate seat in the Great State of Alabama. This time it will be for Six Years, not just Two. I have NOTHING against Roy Moore, and unlike many other Republican leaders, wanted him to win. But he didn’t, and probably won’t," Trump tweeted.

He added:

"If Alabama does not elect a Republican to the Senate in 2020, many of the incredible gains that we have made during my Presidency may be lost, including our Pro-Life victories. Roy Moore cannot win, and the consequences will be devastating....Judges and Supreme Court Justices!"

There you have it. Trump makes it crystal clear: He needs the Senate to confirm more pro-life Supreme Court judges, so he can get Roe overturned.

And yet, most Americans still don't see what's going on.