Ex-Democratic aide explains why Lindsey Graham screwed up disinviting Mueller from testifying to the Senate
Lindsey Graham speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Even the Republican pundit on MSNBC recognized that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) messed up by disinviting special counsel Robert Mueller speaking to the Judiciary Committee in the U.S. Senate.

During an MSNBC panel discussion Sunday, former Paul Ryan communications advisor Brendan Buck asked "what difference does it make" that Attorney General Bill Barr lied to the American people about what was in the Mueller report.

"We have the facts," he said, noting that the original report is no longer behind closed doors. He neglected to note that for weeks before the report's release, the Trump administration knew the truth, lied with the intent to mislead Americans, and promote the fake information for political purposes.

"If you look at Lindsey Graham, you know they have a problem," said former Clinton spokesperson Philippe Reines. "For Lindsey Graham to say, 'Director Mueller you want to come? Sure.' He knows he needs to get Mueller before the House side does."

Host Kasie Hunt recalled what Graham previously said Wednesday when asked about having Mueller appear.

"I'm not going to do anymore. Enough already. It's over," Graham told reporters this week.

If Democrats in the House get to Mueller before Republicans, it means they will control the message, while Republicans are shut out from being able to spin and attack on television.

President Donald Trump was once fine with Mueller speaking out, but suddenly has decided Mueller should not.

Watch the full discussion below: