Eye-popping WaPo editorial slams 'sleazy' Trump over taxes
President Donald Trump faces more investigations after being cleared of collusion with Russia in the Mueller probe. (AFP / Eric BARADAT)

On Wednesday, an editorial in The Washington Post ripped President Donald Trump for his ongoing "drama" surrounding his tax returns. In a bombshell report, The New York Times revealed a decade worth of Trump's tax information and transcripts.

"The Times reported that Mr. Trump’s roughly $1 billion in losses made him one of the biggest financial failures of this era," the board wrote.

They went on to slam trump as a "disastrously poor businessman."

The said the new tax information exposed him as a "disastrously poor businessman, at least through 1994. Which has us wondering: At this point, what does Mr. Trump have left to hide? The Times’s analysis of the records contains more indications of sleaziness than business acumen."

Trump responded to the report by calling it a "fake news hit job" and saying that his business dealings were nothing but a "sport."

Still, the editorial board ripped Trump for breaking presidential norms.

"But it should not fall to courts or state officials to enforce a norm that previously did not need to be mandated. The president should end this drama now and finally release the rest of his tax returns," they wrote.

Read the full report here.