Florida man assaulted by woman screaming 'go home Jew -- tell your neighbors that Jesus Christ is here'
Kirsten Kelly arrested for assault on Jewish couple (Photo: Orange County jail mugshot)

A Florida woman was arrested after an alleged assault while shouting anti-Semitic comments.

According to Jeff Gelman, he was having breakfast with his wife when he witnessed a woman drive through an unlocked gate to drive through his lawn, ClickOrlando reported.

“We looked out to window and we saw someone doing donuts in our backyard, right there,” Gelman said.

He said that he's never seen the woman, who has been identified as Kristen Kelly, but she was screaming anti-Semitic attacks as if she knew their faith.

“She was yelling, go home Jew tell your neighbors that Jesus Christ is here and that I’m going to clean some dirty Jews,” Gelman said.

Things got worse when the couple tried to approach Kelly and demand she get off their property.

“When she got out of the car she sprayed us with detergent and said ‘cleaning the dirty Jews,’” Gelman said.

He took photos of the woman and her car so that it would help police in identifying who was behind the wheel.

“We didn’t recognize her at all; never saw her in our lives,” Gelman told the media.

Kelly has been charged with aggravated assault and is still being held in an Orange County jail.

A Christian man in a San Diego suburb opened fire on a synagogue in April, killing one woman.