'For Republicans to break with Trump they'd have to have a conscience': MSNBC legal analyst
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY, left) and President Donald Trump (right). Image via screengrab.

Saturday evening the cast of SNL took to the stage to mock the unfaltering support among Republican officials for President Donald Trump. As the last year has shown, it wouldn't matter what Trump did, Republican officials would make excuses for it.

MSNBC host Kendis Gibson played a clip of "Saturday Night Live" cast members pretending to be Chuck Todd asking about Trump's trade war and tariffs in China.

"No collusion," the Mitch McConnell character replied. The Todd character explained he was asking about China and trade. "Yup, no collusion."

"Above The Law" editor Elie Mystal explained that the show is only laughing to keep people from crying.

"Look. For Republicans to break with Trump they would have to have a conscience and since they don’t appear to have one, I don’t see that coming," he said about the Republican Party. "The benefit, though, is that for people like me who have been saying this about the Republican Party forever, it didn’t just start with Trump or W. This is how Republicans have been forever and now people like me are in the great position where we never have to listen to Republicans again."

He then pointed to the idea of "family values," while supporting a president who puts children in cages after taking them away from their parents. When it comes to small government, Republicans want to regulate women's healthcare decisions. Law and order doesn't apply to the GOP when it comes to supporting the FBI or the special counsel. Deficit spending has ballooned under Trump, so the GOP lost credibility on that as well.

Watch Mystal's comments below: