Ford announces 7,000 layoffs just ahead of Trump's Midwestern rally
Donald Trump wearing a red 'Make America Great Again' at a political rally in Arizona, photo by Gage Skidmore.

President Donald Trump is rallying on Monday in Pennsylvania in a bid to shore up his shaky standing the Midwestern states that delivered him a victory in 2016.

However, Michigan-based auto manufacturer Ford on Monday announced a 10 percent reduction in its salaried workforce. According to CNN's Dianne Gallagher, the layoffs "will include 900 salaried employees globally by the end of this week, 500 of those are in the U.S."

Most of the layoffs will impact managerial positions, Ford says.

Trump won traditional Democratic states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by a combined 80,000 votes in 2016, and the 2018 midterm elections saw the Republican Party lose several high-profile races in those states.

Read Ford's full letter announcing the layoffs below.