Fox News host shuts down Justin Amash's GOP opponent after he says Mueller found 'no evidence' against Trump
Sandra Smith speaks with Jim Lower (Fox News/screen grab)

Michigan state Rep. Jim Lower (R) on Tuesday told Fox News host Sandra Smith that he is challenging Rep. Justin Amash (R) after the congressman called for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

In an interview on Fox News, Lower announced his intentions to run for Amash's seat.

"His conduct is completely unacceptable," Lower said of Amash's impeachment stance. "Not only is he out of step with the party, Nancy Pelosi isn't calling for impeachment proceedings."

"Bob Mueller would have loved to say the president should be impeached," the lawmaker added. "But even he didn't come to that conclusion in his own report. This is completely ridiculous."

Smith suggested that Lower should "clarify" his remarks about Mueller.

"You know, Mueller would have loved to have come out and said the president should be indicted or should be impeached, but the report doesn't say that," Lower said. "Why didn't he come to that conclusion? Because there's no evidence to support that thesis."

"Obviously that's the opinion that you hold on that issue," Smith replied before moving on to another subject.

Watch the video below from Fox News.