‘Go back to the ghetto!’ Raging white woman attacks black man as he drives home from church

In a shocking incident of racist road rage caught on camera in Sacramento, a white woman screams "Go back to the ghetto" at a black man on his way home from church, reports ABC10.

"She began to shout out her window a number of very hateful and mean things," Asher Norwood told ABC10. "Things like 'Go back to Africa, you stupid mother-f-er.'"

"At this point something on the inside—call it God, call it whatever you want," Norwood told ABC10. "Something told me 'turn your phone on,' because if she behaved like that way the entire time behind you, what's to say she won't do something even more crazy going forward?"

She also allegedly got out of her car and physically attacked him. She's due in Yolo County court on May 29 for battery with a misdemeanor enhancement for the commission of a hate crime.