GOP senator admits to Fox News that 'nothing' good has come from Trump killing Iran deal
Governor Rick Scott (Photo: Screenshot)

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) on Thursday struggled to come up with a positive consequence that has come from President Donald Trump's decision to unilaterally withdraw the United States from a deal to rein in Iran's nuclear ambitions.

During an interview on Fox News, host Harris Faulkner asked Scott if anything positive had come from the president's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement last year.

Scott stammered a bit and chuckled awkwardly before answering.

"There, I mean, there is nothing," he admitted. "They are still a state sponsor of terrorism. They were before. Uh... they've not changed their actions... there's nothing positive that's happening."

Despite this, Scott praised Trump for taking the threat from Iran "seriously."

Watch the video below.