Hated student loan company torn to bits by angry borrowers after bragging about making Fortune 500
Man angry at his computer (Shutterstock)

Student loan servicing company Navient Corp., which is facing multiple lawsuits for allegedly engaging in deceptive practices designed to squeeze more money from borrowers by pushing them into more costly repayment plans, got hammered online Thursday when it boasted of being a Fortune 500 company.

Navient has drawn widespread criticism for its business practices, and an internal Department of Education audit from 2017 found that the company worked to steer borrowers into expensive repayment options without giving them sufficient information about alternatives that would be less costly over the long haul.

Despite its bad reputation, Navient couldn't help but brag when it learned that it had made the 2019 Fortune 500 list, as seen in the tweet below.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is currently suing Navient for their allegedly deceptive tactics, was not pleased to see the company crowing about what he claims is ill-gotten wealth. Specifically, Shapiro accused Navient of "unlawfully adding $4 billion on the backs of students and their families through your predatory student loan practices."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has made student debt forgiveness a cornerstone of her presidential campaign, similarly whacked the company.

Shapiro and Warren weren't the only people who smacked down Navient for its Fortune 500 boast -- as of this writing, the tweet had a ratio of 306 responses to a mere five "likes." Check out some other angry reactions below.