HBO ‘Real Time’ panel launches #TrumpTax hashtag against the president’s tariffs
Bill Maher opens his Friday night show/Screenshot

The host "Real Time" on HBO blasted President Donald Trump's trade war with China as a tax on American voters on Friday.

"What about if Democrats would call these Trump tariffs -- which I read today is the largest tax increase since 1993 -- why can't Democrats do what the Republicans do and get in a room and get a talking point that then they all say and call it the Trump tax?" he wondered.

"Don't call it Trump tariff, call it Trump tax," he continued.

"I'm off next week, when I get back in two weeks, I want all you motherf*ckers running for president to be saying Trump tax," he demanded. "Trump tax."

"Maybe you could make it a hashtag," suggested Neera Tandem of the Center for American Progress.

During last week's "Real Time," Maher launched the hashtag #Brokeahontas -- which trended worldwide on Twitter.