Here's how Democrats can accelerate the impeachment of Donald Trump: conservative commentator
President Donald Trump. (AFP/File / MANDEL NGAN)

On Friday, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin detailed a strategy that Democrats can adopt to speed up President Donald Trump's impeachment process.

Democrats have issued multiple subpoenas to get their hands on crucial information regarding Trump, such as the unredacted special counsel Robert Mueller's report and his hidden tax returns.

Most recently, Rep.Richard Neal (D-MA) issued subpoenas ordering Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig to release Trump’s tax returns by May 17th.

However, Trump has gone through great length to ignore subpoenas and Congressional oversight.

"Not wanting to be goaded into a premature decision on impeachment, Congress is trying to get into court to compel the administration to turn over materials the House deems necessary. The challenge is to move the issue along as expeditiously as possible so the pre-impeachment hearings can begin and we can hear from Robert S. Mueller III, Donald McGahn and others," Rubin wrote in The Washington Post. 

At the same time, the House is bringing contempt citation, which Rubin suggested should happen all at once.

Rubin said, "The House, in bringing a whole batch of contempt citations all at once to a court, would make the case that the decision whether to impeach and whether to stop all congressional oversight is of such urgency — and here are all the ways the president is stonewalling, the House would say — that the court should, act expeditiously."

"The media continues to describe the fight over the Mueller report and key witnesses as destined to move at a snail’s pace and therefore largely ineffective," she added. "Perhaps that’s not the case. If the House pulls all the contempt cases together and brings them to court for expeditious consideration, the matter might be resolved in months, not years. That’s the aim, at any rate."

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