‘How about now?’: After Alabama abortion bill CNN anchor slammed for year-old tweet denying ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ comparisons
Brian Stelter (Screen Capture)

Nearly a year ago CNN anchor and media expert Brian Stelter blasted a popular feminist, activist, and author who has been warning of the increase in authoritarianism under Trump.

In June of 2018 Stelter fervently challenged a tweet from Amy Siskind that warned, "We are a few steps from The Handmaids Tale."

Stelter disagreed, and called her concerns "fear-mongering."

Fast forward about 11 months.

Alabama becomes the latest state to pass an extremist anti-abortion law, in this case outlawing all abortion from the point of conception, imposing penalties of up to 99 years in jail for doctors who perform abortions, except in the case of extreme harm to the mother's health. There is not even any exception for rape or incest.

Steleter is getting roundly scorched and scolded for dismissing Siskind's warning.