John Bolton keeps trying to change Trump — it’s not working: CNN reporter
John Bolton appears on ABC (screen grab)

CNN's Dana Bash thinks that John Bolton might be on the outs with President Donald Trump.

During a CNN panel discussion about the disagreements between the two men, Bash said that Trump is souring on his latest appointed warhawk.

"Bolton has always been a true believer," she said. "There is no gray area. It is black and it is white, especially on the issues of Iran, but also North Korea. And the fact that he agreed to go into the administration and was eager into the administration, by all accounts, is just a different approach from what others who are saying, you know, 'I don’t agree with this guy, I’m not going to get involved.' He believes so much in himself, John Bolton, that he believes he can even try to change -- and successfully tweak -- the way that the president approaches these things."

She went on to say that she has spoken with her source, who has spoken with the president, and he's not happy with Bolton.

"The president is actively badmouthing John Bolton," Bash continued. "This is even before the North Korea thing. This is about specifically about Iran, saying that he’s worried that he just wants to start a war. This is something — this is not exactly a difference of world view that should surprise anybody."

CNN reporter Gloria Borger wondered if the president googled John Bolton before he hired him.

Watch the discussion below: