John Oliver unleashes on dumb Republicans who have 'no idea' what the bill they just passed will do
John Oliver (Photo: Screen capture)

HBO host John Oliver unleashed on Republican states like Georgia and Alabama for draconian laws that regulate women's healthcare decisions. To make matters worse, purple state Ohio, passed a bill that one lawmaker doesn't even understand.

In the Georgia law, a fetus is now able to get a tax deduction, which Oliver noted is only an idea a Republican would have.

"And if the bill itself wasn't crazy enough there were some spectacular moments in the debate over it like this one from Darleen Tate," Oliver said.

The footage shows Tate inventing a baby named Fetus who is advocating against women having a choice over their health. Oliver found it fascinating since not only can't fetuses talk but babies can't either. So, for a child to be capable of speaking the things that Tate was saying, the child's head would likely be sticking in the mother's throat.

Oliver went on to cite Fetus' 1973 book All the Things I Didn't Say Because I'm Not Real.

"A fetus is not a baby. In fact, at six weeks a fetus isn't even a fetus it's an embryo the size of a pomegranate seed," he quoted baby Fetus. "Also, on an unrelated note, I bet the sex that Jim and Pam have is fine, but I bet the sex that Pam and Roy used to have was better. This is the hill I would die on were I not too fictional to die."

The law likely won't go into effect at all because it's unconstitutional.

In Alabama, however, another law was being considered. Oliver knocked the state as one that has a flag that appears as though the state had been rejected. The law there would ban all abortions at every stage of pregnancy. Doctors who perform them would be charged with a felony and face up to 99 years in prison.

Earlier this year, Ohio passed the most restrictive laws in the country, removing insurance companies from being able to cover abortions regardless of the reason. It would also bar the use of devices or drugs that prevent the implementation of a fertilized egg. It means many forms of birth control.

When asked about that fact, a Republican lawmaker admitted he didn't know anything about it because he didn't know anything about birth control pills or the specifics about what such drugs or devices do.

"Wow, I just wrote the bill so someone smarter than me can figure it out what it means," Oliver paraphrased. "It seems like lawmakers should have a little more awareness of what they're passing than the creators of the 'Sonic The Hedgehog Movie.'"

Watch Oliver's rant below: