Kim Jong Un could be stalling negotiations to 'run out the clock' on Trump's presidency: CNN
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un (Screen Capture)

Despite his big promises, President Donald Trump has made essentially no progress in his efforts to denuclearize North Korea. The two countries appear to be at an impasse, with the regime insisting on gigantic concessions that the United States is not able to accept.

And as CNN reporter Brian Todd noted on Monday's edition of "The Situation Room," that may be because North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is simply trying to stall until the Trump administration is replaced altogether.

Kim, noted Todd, is "a savvy observer of American politics and, knowing that he's young and could be in power for a long time, he could be preparing to run out the clock on Donald Trump."

"Kim could be at a point, experts say, where he feels he could just walk away from this diplomatic engagement with Trump and wait to see what happens in next year's presidential election," concluded Todd.

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