Maddow breaks down the ‘revelation’ that has had Trump attacking the FBI director for three days
Trump's planned tariffs on steel and aluminium have triggered fears of a trade war. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow on Tuesday explained why President Donald Trump has been lashing out at FBI Director Chris Wray.

She believes the key involves not what Robert Mueller has done, but what he did not do.

"The intelligence committee has issued a subpoena to obtain the counter-intelligence information and the foreign intelligence information that Mueller turned up," Maddow noted. "They shouldn’t have to issue a subpoena to get that. Under black-letter law, under federal statute, the intelligence committees are supposed to be able to get that whenever they want it. They’re supposed to get briefed whenever they want to on matters at the Justice Department or in any other investigating agency that pertain to counterintelligence or foreign intelligence. That’s their purview. They have oversight over all of that."

"Well, the Intelligence Committee chairman, Adam Schiff, has been saying that his committee hasn’t been receiving those briefings. They haven’t received any information on any foreign intelligence or counterintelligence related to Mueller’s investigation since James Comey was fired back in 2017," she noted. "They’ve gotten nothing."

"Well, that revelation from Adam Schiff and the fact that we can now see the redacted Mueller report, and the redacted Mueller report has no information at all on the counterintelligence consequences of any factual information they turned up, those two things together have led to this sort of slowly dawning revelation that Mueller might have not done a counterintelligence investigation at all," Maddow explained.

"That if there was a counterintelligence investigation into the Russia attack and potential links to President Trump or the Trump campaign, it looks like maybe Mueller isn’t the one who did it," she continued. "I mean, we know a counterintelligence investigation was started, we know one was authorized and open at the FBI. We know a counterintelligence investigation was publicly announced by James Comey to Congress when he was still FBI director."

"In terms of what that investigation might look at, off the top of your head, you right now could list ten important questions a counterintelligence investigation on this matter might possibly be looking into," she noted. "All of those questions, to the extent that counterintelligence investigation was done, it appears that that was handled at the FBI, outside the confines of the special counsel’s office, which means it was not under Robert Mueller’s purview."

"It means it was under the purview of the FBI director, Chris Wray," she concluded. "Chris Wray is the one who appears to have been supervising the counterintelligence investigation, not Mueller. Mueller just did criminal."

"As that revelation I think is slowly creeping across Washington and the news media and all of us, all of a sudden we now find ourselves in day three of the president publicly attacking FBI director Chris Wray," Maddow noted.