MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace bursts into laughter at Bill Barr’s cowardly hiding from House lawyers
Nicolle Wallace is the host of 'Deadline: White House' on MSNBC (screengrab)

Attorney General Bill Barr was a no-show Thursday morning for his scheduled hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, objecting to the format proposed by the Democrats in charge of the committee because they wanted to subject him to questioning by staff counsel.

And when MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace was re-capping the day’s news on “Deadline: White House” Thursday afternoon, she couldn’t keep a straight face while she read the details of this cowardly turn of events.

“The White House attack on Mr. Mueller comes as the fireworks continue on Capitol Hill over Attorney General William Barr standing up the House Judiciary committee today,” she said. “He canceled, he says, ’cause he doesn’t to answer questions from lawyers!”

She laughed. “Kinda funny, he’s the AG! Pssh!”

She continued laughing but tried to keep it together as she went on: “Barr’s disappearing act comes as he faces accusations that he lied under oath about his clash with Mueller over the rollout of his report.”

Watch the clip below: