Nicolle Wallace mocks Barr's 'ridiculous' defenses for Trump: 'I wouldn't make those excuses for my 7-year old'
Nicole Wallace mocks ridiculous Attorney General Bill Barr/MSNBC screen shot composite

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace on Wednesday mocked Attorney General Bill for making excuses for President Donald Trump that were more "ridiculous" than anything she'd make for her seven-year-old.

"Donald Trump has had a 'help wanted, looking for Roy Cohn' sign outside 1600 Pennsylvania avenue for two years and two months," Wallace said, laughing disdainfully. "It would take someone like William Barr to make Jeff Sessions and even Matt Whittaker, who has far as we know didn't go as far as William Barr did -- Barr makes the two of them look better by comparison."

"William Barr at that press conference the day the Mueller report came out before we'd seen it, and read any of it for ourself, he said 'no collusion,'" Wallace recalled, and then affected a hilarious "poor baby" accent. "But then he did a good little Dr. Phil schtick and said 'the president was so fwustwated. He wasn’t obstructiony, he was frustratedy.'"

"I have a 7-year-old, I don’t excuse his conduct. He doesn’t get to bang on the table at restaurant because he’s frustrated," she added flatly. "The A.G. made excuses for the sitting president that I wouldn’t make for my 7-year-old son. "

"And then to hear it again today, and sort of this parsing and finagling as the country’s sitting attorney general offers some defense of Donald Trump that really wasn’t rooted in anything legal," she scoffed. "It was sort of this psychological examination of just how stressed the president must be. It was ridiculous."

Watch the video below.