Nicolle Wallace says ‘there’s not one Republican who could stomach a mean tweet’ from Trump: ‘They are the party of cowards’
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace blasted the cowardice of the Republican Party in the age of Donald Trump during an appearance on Donny Deutsch's new show "Saturday Night Politics."

The host mentioned a recent New York Times column by Tom Friedman searching for a Republican to primary Trump in 2020.

Wallace laughed at the column, which she labeled as "fantasy."

"This is fiction," Wallace argued. "There’s not a Republican who could stand a mean tweet."

Wallace served as communications director in the George W. Bush White House and has worked multiple GOP presidential campaigns.

"The Republicans, I mean they are the party of cowards," Wallace said. "The idea there’s going to be one that will land on a grenade? There’s not one that can stomach a tweet.

"There’s not a Republican in this country who thinks they’re man or woman enough to handle a mean tweet from Donald Trump," she argued. "You’ve got to evaluate the Republican Party as it is and as it is right now there’s not one Republican who could stomach a mean tweet from Donald Trump."