'Not doing their Constitutional duty’: Conservative commentator slams GOP
MSNBC political analyst Sophia Nelson is a former GOP counsel on Capitol Hill and Republican Congressional candidate (Twitter)

Republicans are failing their Constitutional duty on the question of impeaching President Donald Trump, a Republican political analyst explained on MSNBC.

Sophia Nelson was interviewed by MSNBC's Ari Melber on "The Beat."

"At what opponent do you think the Democrats have to decide what they’re doing?" Melber asked.

"I think it is a false premise for us all to keep putting the onus on the Democrats," Nelson said. "Yes, they are the majority in the House of Representatives and I think they took a credible first step today -- they held the Attorney General in the Judiciary Committee in contempt of Congress."

"I think something more important is this, that I want the American people at home to get. The Mueller report, Ari, is our report," she explained. "The presidency is our presidency. The House and the Congress are our Congress. They are our elected representatives."

Nelson attempted to shift more of the onus of responsibility to Republicans on Capitol Hill.

"It disturbs me the Republicans are not doing their Constitutional duty," Nelson admitted. "This should not be about partisanship. This should be about right and wrong."