NYT reporter shreds Trump's claim that his $1 billion losses were normal: 'He was the best at losing money'
New York Times reporter Susanne Craig (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump angrily insisted on Wednesday that it was perfectly normal for real estate developers to report $1 billion losses over the span of a decade -- but one of the New York Times reporters who broke the bombshell story about his taxes called that claim nonsense.

Appearing on CNN, the New York Times' Susanne Craig said that Trump's claim that his massive losses over the span of a decade were just the result of him claiming depreciation of his real estate assets did not add up.

"We're not talking about, 'This is all depreciation,'" she said. "Donald Trump, in many years, lost more than pretty much any individual taxpayer... Some of it's depreciation, a lot of it is bad business."

Craig then took a hammer to Trump's pride in avoiding paying any federal income taxes for several years by noting that he couldn't pay taxes when he wasn't making any net income.

"He didn't pay income tax in eight out of the ten years, a large part of it is because he lost so much money," she said. "He was the best at losing money in that decade!"

Craig then pointed out that Trump even lost $40 million in the same year that he published his iconic book, "The Art of the Deal."

Watch the video below.