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Orange County lawmaker reveals how impeachment is a hot topic in her conservative district: ‘People stop me in the grocery store’



Questions about impeaching President Donald Trump have increased dramatically since the release of Robert Mueller’s report, an Orange County congresswoman explained on Thursday.

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) defeated former Rep. Mimi Walters (R-CA) in November, seizing a district in Orange County that had long been considered a GOP stronghold.

Porter was interviewed by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC’s “The Last Word.”


“Congressman [Justin] Amash (R-MI), the only Republican member of Congress who supports impeachment, had a town hall the other day. We’ll show some of this later in this hour. It was all about impeachment. What about your town hall today, how much of it was about impeachment?” O’Donnell asked. “What was the number one issue?”

“The number one issue was definitely health care,” she replied. “That continues to be the number one issue I get asked about.”

“But impeachment did come up and I would say there’s been a real change since the Mueller report was published,” Porter explained. “Before that, I never got asked about it or supremely rarely. Now I get asked about it almost every day. People stop me in the grocery store, as I’m going about my daily business in the coffee shop and want to know what I’m going to do about the president’s refusal to obey the law.”


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Lawmakers need to step up and stop Trump from ‘killing Americans’ with his ‘incompetence’: Ex-prosecutor



On Saturday, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner excoriated President Donald Trump's mismanagement of the national health care system on Twitter — and called on elected leaders to "stop letting Trump kill Americans."

Trump’s mixture of incompetence and exploitation for political purposes of our national health emergency is costing lives. The most pressing question at this moment is: at what point do our elected politicians stop letting Trump kill Americans?

— Glenn Kirschner (@glennkirschner2) April 4, 2020

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2020 Election

How a general strike might play out in the United States



The idea that pandemic-related economic insecurity might spur a general strike has been trending among pundits and the public in the past week. Such a labor action, which would imply a complete shutdown of all industries as all workers cease showing up to work, would be historically unprecedented, a prominent historian told Salon.

This article first appeared in Salon.

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Spain reports second consecutive drop in daily coronavirus deaths



The daily pace of new coronavirus infections and deaths in Spain slowed again on Saturday as Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was expected to announce a new extension to lockdown measures that have confined most Spaniards to their homes for three weeks.

The total death toll rose to 11,744 - the world's second highest - on Saturday from 10,935 the day before, the Health Ministry said, representing a 7% increase in total deaths after a 9% rise on Friday. That is less than half the pace of the around 20% increase registered a week ago.

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