Pennsylvania woman learns her husband voted for Trump — after he tells the media he's switching to Biden
Donald Trump supporters in line to hear his speech at a rally in 2016. (mikeledray /

President Donald Trump likes to claim he was elected by a "silent majority" of voters the polls and the media never captured.

But in the case of one man in Pennsylvania, he was so silent about his vote for Trump that his wife just learned about it now — after telling reporters he has soured on the president and is gravitating toward former Vice President Joe Biden instead.

Earlier this week, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an analysis of Biden's rally in Pittsburgh, where he struck up a message of unity and normalcy. "We need a president who works for all Americans,” Biden was quoted as saying to great applause. "We have to choose hope over fear, unity over division, and, maybe most importantly, truth over lies."

At the rally, a 63-year old Trump supporter and former Democrat, Chuck Howenstein, approached reporter Jonathan Tamari and told him that message resonated with him, and that while he wanted to shake up the political system in 2016, Trump has alienated him with his behavior.

"I saw what happened the last three years, and to me that's terrible," Howenstein said. "The division with our country and nationalities and race, it's never been like this, it's never been this bad."

On Thursday, Tamari tweeted this update to his reporting:

Pennsylvania was one of Trump's most surprising victories in 2016. But his 1.2 percent victory there will be difficult to repeat, with his approval rating badly underwater and Democrats making massive gains in the 2018 midterms.