Robert Mueller will testify to Congress that Trump obstructed justice: Ex-colleague
MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner (Screen cap).

On Friday, following reports that Mueller is in talks to testify before Congress, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner told MSNBC that he expects special counsel Robert Mueller will reveal President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice.

"I kind of feel like I worked with Bob Mueller before he was Bob Mueller," said Kirschner. "He was my direct supervisor. As chief of homicide in the D.C. Attorney's office, he brought me to the homicide section. He taught me to be a federal homicide prosecutor."

Kirschner sharply criticized Attorney General William Barr. "I think the reason we saw that letter that he fired back at Barr, which said, listen. I'm going to read between the lines. Listen, sport. You mischaracterized my investigation and my conclusions, and as a result, the American people I think are being confused. In fact, I think that was Barr's goal to confuse the American people. There are these two Muellers and I think they are at odds with one another. The rule follower versus the guy who has to correct the record."

Kirschner confidently predicted that Mueller will be "forthcoming" in his testimony.

"Now that the White House has even challenged him and said you should have made a prosecutorial decision. Even Barr is complaining," said Kirschner. "I think Mueller will say, I don't have to bend the rules. What I have to do is correct the record. I have to address the mischaracterizations by Barr, and I think he'll stand up and say, the president committed obstruction of justice offenses."

And that, suggested Kirschner, will trigger a new wave of congressional action.

"Then Congress issues every subpoena for every individual who has evidence supporting what Bob Mueller concluded," said Kirschner. "There should be witnesses lined up outside of Congress' door, ready to testify. Do you know what? If they fail to testify because the president is trying to muzzle them, fine. Move on to the next one. We'll deal with contempt and enforcement. Next witness, next witness. Line them up and start to show the American people what in the world this president has been doing. That's what I think America has been thirsty for for so long. Circumspection is great but timidity is gonna kill us. We need to hear from the witnesses."

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