Rupert Murdoch's son was disgusted by Hannity's cheerleading for Trump and it turned into 'screaming fights': Michael Wolff
Donald Trump and Sean Hannity (Fox News/screen grab)

Michael Wolff's forthcoming book "Siege" details another round of insights and dirt into President Donald Trump's administration.

Wolff's first book "Fire and Fury" was known for its scandalous and exclusive look into the life of Trump and those closest to him. In "Siege," Wolff takes another stab at Trump, but this time, he is digging deeper into the aspects of the Mueller report, real estate scandals, and some conservatives' "disdain" for the president.

In one part of his book, he reveals that James Murdoch was angry over Fox News host Sean Hannity's constant flattery of Trump.

The "book details tensions between Rupert and James Murdoch, resulting from the latter's disgust over the Fox News prime-time lineup, namely Sean Hannity," a report from Vanity Fair explained.

"Father and son had screaming fights over Hannity and Trump," Wolff wrote in Siege. "The Murdoch family had become collaborators, declared the younger Murdoch. The world would remember. The future of their company was at stake."

Wolff added that Hannity's "cheerleading had begun to wear thin, and Trump started to turn on him. . . For all of Hannity's flattery, for all of his zealous commitment to the president, Trump, in almost equal proportion, had become disdainful of him. This was partly standard practice. Sooner or later, Trump felt contempt for anyone who showed him too much devotion."