Sarah Sanders slams Jerry Nadler's intelligence: 'I understand' the law 'better than he does'
Sarah Sanders appears on Fox News (screen grab)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Wednesday attacked House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and insisted that she understands the law about releasing the unredacted Mueller report "better than he does."

As the Judiciary Committee was considering contempt charges against Attorney General William Barr, Sanders spoke about Nadler to reporters at the White House.

“You would think for an attorney, Chairman Nadler would be a little more up on the law," Sanders told one reporter. "I'm not, and I actually feel like I understand it better than he does."

"Chairman Nadler -- take a minute to let this sink in -- Chairman Nadler is asking the attorney general of the United States to break the law and commit a crime by releasing information that he knows he has no legal authority to have," she added. "It’s truly outrageous."

In his Wednesday hearing, Nadler clarified that Democrats want Barr to legally release the unredacted Mueller report by getting a court order to reveal grand jury testimony.

It has been 58 days since Sanders has held a formal briefing for the White House press corps.

Read some of Sanders' remarks below.