Scathing Washington Post editorial rips GOP for not having the courage to stand up to Trump

On Monday a scathing editorial in The Washington Post ripped the GOP for consistently selling out to President Donald Trump. A lone Republican, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) spoke out against Trump and said that special counsel Robert Mueller's reports confirms that he has committed impeachable offenses.

"We highlight Mr. Amash’s tweets not to endorse every word but to contrast his approach with that of the rest of his party. It is not too much to ask that members of Congress suppress knee-jerk partisanship and actually read a major report on the president’s behavior," the editorial said.

The editorial went on to explain how Republicans have sold out to Trump. It noted that while members of the GOP were vocal during the Obama administration about values and principles that they have now "succumbed" to the president.

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has quietly acquiesced in the trashing of free trade and the diminution of congressional prerogatives. Mr. Barr, a veteran of the George H.W. Bush administration, promised to bring professionalism and order back to the Justice Department but, after gaining Senate confirmation, morphed into an aggressive defender of the president and propagator of Trumpian conspiracy theories," the editorial explained.

The editorial then noted that Amash maybe looking to challenge Trump in 2020.

"Mr. Amash may be preparing to run for president next year on the Libertarian Party ticket. But the Libertarian nomination is not so valuable a prize that Mr. Amash’s words can be waved away as cynical, as some Republicans have tried to do. Making himself a pariah in his own party — and, as of Sunday, drawing a primary challenger in his House district — is a high price to pay for any politician. But what is the price of abandoning all principles?" the editorial board said.

Read the full editorial here.