Seth Meyers blasts Lindsey Graham's pathetic Barr hearing performance: 'You had one job!'
Seth Meyers and Sen. Lindsey Graham [Photo:Screengrab from video]

On Wednesday, comedian Seth Meyers mocked Sen.Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for his performance during Attorney General Bill Barr's hearing.

During the hearing, Graham dropped an F-bomb and spent the majority of his time rehashing old news. He also admitted that he has not read the full Mueller report, which is about 400 pages.

Meyers mocked Graham for failing at the one job he had to do.

"Remember this guy is the chairmen of the Senate Judiciary Committee and he is holding a hearing with the attorney general of the United States about the Mueller report. You would expect he'd read the whole thing.

Meyers then played a clip of Graham admitting that he did not read the entire report.

"What do you mean? That was the assignment. I know it's long but senators should read the full report. Elizabeth Warren did it," Meyers said.

Watch below: