Seth Meyers hilariously mocks Florida Republican Matt Gaetz after his mic was muted at Congressional hearing
Seth Meyers and Rep. Matt Gaetz [Photo: Screenshot from video]

On Thursday, comedian Seth Meyers mocked Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) after his mic was muted at Attorney General Bill Barr's Congressional hearing.

Barr refused to show up for the hearing. Moments after the hearing ended, Gaetz attempted to speak up to complain.

"Barr decided not to show up, yet Republicans on the committee still wanted time to complain, not about Barr but about Democrats," Meyers said.

Adding, "Gaetz tried to interrupt the committee chairman as he was wrapping up. But he was only able to get a few words in before his mic was cut off."

Meyers then played a clip of Gates's mic being muted.

"Wow forget muting someone on Twitter, turns out you can mute them in real life. Can we try that the next time Trump holds a rally?"

Watch below: