‘She’s trolling us’: Melania Trump mocked for speech calling for ‘kindness, compassion and respect’

First Lady Melania Trump on Wednesday celebrated the first anniversary of her "Be Best" child advocacy program to raise awareness of cyberbullying and opioid abuse. Just as when she launched the program, the reception was not positive.

"I ask you again to join me in my commitment to promoting values such as encouragement, kindness, compassion, healthy living, online safety, and respect in our children," the First Lady told supporters in the Rose Garden of the White House.

"As a mother and First Lady it concerns me that today's fast-paced and ever-connected world can make children less prepared to manage their emotions, causing them to turn to forms of destructive actions, such as bullying, unhealthy habits, risky online behavior, drug abuse, and addiction, or even suicide," she warned.

Many on social media decried her obvious hypocrisy, while others focused on the actions of her husband, a notorious and unabashed cyber bully. And some noted that the First Lady is not innocent of some of the behaviors her husband has demonstrated.