Snowflake Trump fan begs advice columnist for help because TVs at work are tuned to CNN
(Photo By Eric Rosenwald/Shutterstock)

A vulnerable supporter of President Donald Trump sought help from syndicated advice columnist Amy Dickinson on what to do at work when he's forced to see CNN on the televisions.

"I just started a new job," Peter wrote into Dickinson. "Every single TV at work is playing CNN. Even though FOX (three times the ratings), and MSNBC (two times the ratings) have more followers."

He admitted that he knew this when he took the job, but now he's hearing his coworkers speak out against Trump.

"I, like many conservatives, have a hard time rebutting him, not because of any physical reaction, but because it could hinder my position within the company," Peter wrote. "How should I handle this situation?"

Ironically, right-wing commentators have attacked those who do not support Trump and don't want to be forced to engage with his advocates. It was then that the term "snowflake" began being used by conservatives en masse to refer to young people who oppose exposure to Nazis or white supremacists who want to speak on their campus.

Dickinson explained that unless he works in the media, she doesn't understand why Peter needs a television at work.

"Throughout time, people (women, or people of color, for instance) have been forced to suck it up and keep their opinions to themselves at work, if their views were in opposition to bosses or more powerful co-workers," Dickinson explained. "You are now experiencing what it is like to be quiet on the outside, but pretty loud – inside your head."

Indeed, many men are facing a culture shock as the world around them is changing. For those who don't deal well with change or feel they're entitled to a certain kind of work, it can be a shock to their system.

"At work, keep your political opinions to yourself; it is within your rights to benignly suggest that others do the same," she said. "I also think that – unless consuming the news on a loop is vital to your profession – the televisions should be turned off."

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