'Spinelessness is contagious': Conservative commentator clobbers Republicans' failure to stand up to Trump
Charlie Sykes/MSNBC screen shot

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes is profoundly disappointed in the leadership of conservatives who eagerly protect President Donald Trump despite his policies being outside of the conservative wheelhouse.

"Well, what? Spinelessness is contagious?" Sykes asked of Republicans who refuse to stand up to Trump. "We’re seeing there is no bottom here. There’s two things: Number one the Trump Administration’s claims in court were described by the federal judge as 'astonishing.' Says that the president of the United States cannot be indicted but he also cannot be investigated by Congress, which does as Congressman Nadler says, makes him above the law."

That defies everything the Constitution outlines.

"But the Republicans, the way they decided they were going to circle the wagons around Trump and Trump Jr., saying not only do we not want to investigate what was an obstruction of justice and attack on this country, ongoing attack on this country, we do not even want to ask questions," Sykes said. "We don’t want to know anything about it and we don’t care that we have been lied to. There’s a certain numbing effect that Republicans are going to support their president and they don’t want to rock the boat. But the degree and the extent to which they are willing to become part of this is astonishing."

Watch his commentary below: