Stephen Colbert grills AG Bill Barr with hilarious questions during parody senate testimony
Stephen Colbert pretends to interview Bill Barr on the 'Late Show' (screengrab)

The host of "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday imagined the questions he would've asked Attorney General Bill Barr.

The skit imagined Colbert sitting down inside the Senate Judiciary Committee and informing chair Lindsey Graham that he wanted to ask questions.

"Has anyone in this room deceived the American people?" Colbert asked.

Colbert then showed Barr standing up and raising his hand.

[caption id="attachment_1493640" align="aligncenter" width="800"] The Late Show with Stephen Colbert imagines Bill Barr's testimony (screengrab)[/caption]

"Are there any reasons we should trust you at all?" Colbert asked.

"None that I'm aware of," Barr replied.

"Now you're supposed to be the impartial attorney general for the United States, how much of your summary -- the letter you sent to Congress -- was just a partisan support for the president?" Colbert asked.

"Two percent," Barr replied.

"Really?" Colbert asked.

"Ten percent," Barr said, revising himself.

"Bill," Colbert said.

"Ninety-eight percent," Barr said in his final estimation.

"When is the last time you deceived the public," Colbert asked.

"This morning," Barr answered.

"What's the last thing you ate," Colbert asked.

"It was my baby," Barr replied.

"Final question sir, how would you describe your term so far as attorney general?" he asked.

"Mind-bendingly bizarre," he answered.

"Well that is refreshing candor, thank you," Colbert said.

The "Late Show" host then asked Sen. Graham for his thoughts on Barr.

"He is a f*cking idiot," Graham said.