Stormy Daniels: I’ll apologize to Melania Trump when she apologizes to the country
Stormy Daniels (Photo: Screen capture)

Stormy Daniels kicked off her book tour with a jab at First Lady Melania Trump. She hosted "An Intimate Evening with Stormy Daniels” in New York.

Daniels, an adult film star, hit the stage seeking to clear her name and make a new reputation for herself. "I can say whatever the f*ck I want and nobody can stop me," she said according to The Daily Beast.

Daniels hit the media spotlight for being the adult film star that President Donald Trump paid hush money to in order to cover up his affairs.

During a Q&A portion of the night Daniels was smirky with her responses.

“How much do you charge per hour?” one person asked.

“$130,000, duh,” Daniels said.

"She was similarly quick to dismiss the notion of ever apologizing to Melania Trump, saying, 'I’ll apologize to her when she apologizes to the country,'" the report said.