Stunned conservative host blasts Trump for not challenging Putin over 'state-sponsored election terrorism'
Newsmax host Todd Schnitt. (Screenshot)

A conservative host on Friday was left stunned after President Donald Trump admitted that he had talked to Vladimir Putin about Robert Mueller's investigation -- but had not challenged the Russian president for meddling in U.S elections.

Todd Schnitt of Newsmax TV said on his show that it was clear Putin was not a friend of the United States.

"The president spent about an hour on the phone with Putin... he is as anti-American as it gets... Putin is essentially the head of state-sponsored election terrorism, you name it," he said.

"I just don't find a lot of comfort that the president did not talk about this with Putin," Schnitt said. "Trump needs to tell Putin to knock it off."

"The president sees all this intelligence -- or has access to it -- [showing] that they continue to interfere, and the president needs to tell Vladimir Putin to cut the crap and knock it off."

Watch video below: