Taco Bell resort hotel opens in Palm Springs to promote the 'Taco Bell lifestyle'
(Floating taco photo via BigMouth Inc)

In a state known for fresh vegetables and real Mexican, the fast food company Taco Bell is opening its own resort.

The food site Delish reported Thursday that Palm Springs will be the location for the company's latest project.

The company is calling it the "biggest expression of the Taco Bell lifestyle to date," though it doesn't clarify what exactly the Taco Bell lifestyle means. It can be reasonably assumed it involves a lot of cheese, however.

The resort will have a pool filled with Taco Bell swag, floaties, fluffy bathrobes, and plenty of food. The resort also plans on offering food that will only be available at the resort.

Aside from possible floating tostadas, the hotel and resort will offer a salon that can do "Taco Bell-inspired nail art" as well as fades and a braid bar. They'll also have a gift shop that will be decked out in Taco Bell brand apparel.

The resort doesn't include how many rooms will be available but they are slated to open in June and all vacationers must be 18 or older to stay.

Earlier this year, Taco Bell began the lifestyle experiment with a Slide-Thru ski resort in Ontario Canada and a Las Vegas Taco Bell chapel. They also began a partnership with GrubHub to ensure Taco Bell can be delivered to inebriated customers and others uninterested or unable to drive to the establishment.

Read the full report at Delish.