'That time has passed': Republican commentator recalls 'a time' when the GOP 'cared about the rule of law'
US Senator Lindsey Graham, a candidate for the Republican Party's presidential nomination photographed on November 19, 2015, called November 29 for the creation of an international army of 100,000 troops to fight Islamic State militants in Syria (AFP Photo/Spencer Platt)

On Wednesday, conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter slammed the GOP for abandoning the rule of law to follow and defend President Donald Trump.

She noted that the actions of the GOP will impact them come 2020.

"How will these events that are playing out now in Congress play out on the campaign trail?" Carpenter said. "Bill Barr’s idea that President Trump has been falsely accused sticks in my mind. It sort of plays into the idea that they are above reproach and that Donald Trump is above the law."

She added, "When you see this pattern of the administration defying subpoenas, saying, 'we’re not going to talk to you,' and that these people are never held accountable for these actions, that’s something that can stick in the craw of voters. And if Democrats choose to use these events and make the 2020 election an accountability exercise, that could be powerful."

"What did you think of Lindsey Graham ,as a fellow Republican, what did you think of Lindsey Graham saying, 'I’m not going to call Mueller, I’m not going to call Don McGahn?'" CNN's host Jake Tapper asked.

"There used to be a time when Republicans cared about the rule of law. Lindsey Graham was one of those people. And that time has passed," she said.

Watch below via CNN: