‘The bar is that low’: Don Lemon reveals why he commended Republican analyst for mild criticism of Trump inciting violence
Don Lemon and Scott Jennings on CNN (screengrab)

CNN anchor Don Lemon on Thursday explained why he commended a Republican political analyst for mild criticism of President Donald Trump.

While talking about Trump "inciting violence" at a campaign rally on the Florida panhandle, conservative CNN contributor Scott Jennings suggested that maybe it should not have happened.

"I got to give Scott his due. He didn’t say, it’s obvious the president was making a joke and said he did not make an excuse for it. He said, the president should not do that. So Scott, I commend you for doing that," Lemon said.

"Is the bar really that low now?" conservative CNN contributor Tara Setmayer asked.

"Yes, the bar is that low," Lemon replied. "It’s sad that it is."

"Because we see so many people come and make excuses for this president," Lemon explained.

"I think that’s a sad state of affairs," Setmayer replied.

"I'm not disagreeing with you, just telling you why I'm doing it," Lemon said.